Video Features

Our APT System

Our Active Player Tracking System will visually track you within a single seamless video. Allowing viewers to instantly see where you are.

*only available in our DoubleTake Premium Package and DoubleTake Subscription.

Full Bio Title Page

Your video includes the clean 3D animated title. This allows for all coaches to quickly learn what they NEED to know about you, and nothing they don't. 

Unlimited Game and Clip Uploads

We do not limit the amount of videos you can upload to us. Through our advanced integrated upload page (that you can reach after payment confirmation), you have the ability to upload an unlimited amount of GB to us for our editing.

Video Reviews, Made Easy

Using our free integrated review platform, you will be able to securely watch your video, add frame-accurate comments and edits, approve in real time, and no sign in required.

Customized Video Delivery

Once you're happy with the video and no extra edits are needed, we'll publish the video to YouTube *optional*, send you the link, and a download link to keep for your records and social media.

We recommend using the YouTube link to send to coaches, as you'll never run into any ads or accessibility issues, and can be sent through email. And we recommend using the raw download for uploading to social media, such as Facebook or Instagram.

Advanced Video Stabilization

Submitting shakey, unclear video? No problem! We are able to smooth out any rough video to make it look like it was professionally shot


We will crop and zoom in on your highlight across the field and then clear up the pixels to make an easy-to-see video.

No Copyright Background Music

We only use music from "NoCopyrightSounds" on youtube. We allow you to choose which you like best or we choose music for your video that is both attractive and uncopyrighted. Meaning that your video will not get taken off youtube, instagram, or other video sharing platforms if you decide to upload it. This increases the ability to share your video.

Efficient 2-4 Minute Video

Coaches don't have the time to sit down and watch a long video.
We will take the time and weed through all submitted clips and only include the videos that best highlight you in your position.

Highest Quality Edit

We will never charge for quality. If you submit video that is in 480p, you will receive a video in 480p. If you submit video that is in 4k, you will receive a video in 4k. 


Sometimes in the heat of the moment, fans scream during your awesome highlight, hurting your ears and making people feel like they need to turn away from the video. 
On every single clip, we level the audio and bring down the peak volume to an equilibrium level that will never break any ears, speakers, or attention.

Video Transitions

Rather than rough, unsatisfying transitions as videos shift from one highlight to another, we add a smooth, sharp and minimal video transition that keeps the video running clean. 
This low key approach keeps the video feel like it's not dragging on and keeps attention of the viewer on you, and not on some crazy video transition.