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Double Take's Active PLayer Tracking

Active Tracking

Athlete Highlighted with No stoppage in film

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Active Player Tracking

Sometimes it's hard to see who you are within all the chaos of a game. We will individually track you around the entire highlight. We put a circle around you and have it run, jump, and move along with you as you move. A labor intensive feature but worth the effort as it transforms your video and allows coaches to easily see who you are without having to stop the video to show where you are.

-Included only in the "The Double Take" Recruitment Video Package

Next-Level Slow Motion

Optical Flow Slow Motion

Note the choppy video on the left

and the smooth crisp video on the right

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Optical Flow Slow Motion

There's two main ways to slow down videos that not many poeple know about.

Heres the Quick Breakdown

"Frame Sampling" is the most common way, yet looks cheap and choppy. All computers and softwares have the ability to do this. Basically just slows down the rate at which the video frames are played.

All of your videos that you receive from us will contain "Optical Flow" Slow motion. This requires much more time to render and create, and a much higher quality computer, along with expensive advanced software. Long story short, Optical Flow Slow Motion will analyze the video clip and will builds and create whole new frames to fill into the blank spaces. This make it look far less choppy and much smoother and more clear.

- ALL Clips receive slow motion in "The Double Take" Recruitment Video Package and 10 clips receive slow motion in the "The Enhanced" Recruitment Video Package