About DoubleTake

We are a video editing company that creates Professional, Coach Oriented Athletic Recruitment Videos.

We specialize in getting athlete's noticed.

With little time, a collegiate coach's attention must be captured in the first few moments. A successful video must give them what they need to know and see in a short amount of time, while standing out above the rest.
We were tired of seeing phenomenal talent go to waste. We hear of collegiate coaches losing interest in an athlete simply because they couldn't suffer through a roughly cut recruitment video. This is why we started DoubleTake. We're here to help all athletes get recruited by allowing your talent to speak for itself.
DoubleTake has simplified and streamlined the athletic recruiting process by redefining how recruitment video should look. DoubleTake creates the most value-driven recruitment video on the market by drastically reducing the time, stress, and money required to be recruited.
We know our product works. 82% of our athletes were successful in attaining a roster spot, compared to the national average of just 3%.

Meet Our Team

Connor Hountalas - Founder and CEO

I was the captain on every team leading up to college. I played for the San Jose Earthquakes Academy and the US national team pool. Even with this resume, college coaches would never respond to my emails, and when they did, it was always to ask for a video of my play. I decided to download some editing software to teach myself how to edit video. After weeks of YouTube videos and trial and error, I built myself a video that I believed was far superior to what was currently on the market and sent it out to coaches. I immediately started getting responses from coaches and eventually got recruited to over 20 Division 1 schools. Once I got into school, my brother, who also played soccer and saw the success I had, wanted me to build him a video. Two programs from Spain saw his video online and flew him out to Spain for a tryout. He's now 17 years old playing for a 23-year-old, semi-pro team in Spain, simply because of his video. Seeing how video can unlock opportunity, I decided to drift away from D1 soccer, to build the foundation for DoubleTake. Over the course of my college years, I began to pivot and learn from the market. I wanted to create a platform that would have a profound impact on the recruiting world. 

Curtis Chambers - Acting Head of Engineering

Curtis has had an astonishingly impactful footprint within DoubleTake. Chambers has done everything from work that paid him in sushi and beer, to an expense report company whose slogan was "creating expense reports that don't suck," to, ultimately, being on the founding team of Uber, and the Head of Engineering of Uber, UberEats, and UberFreight. He has since grabbed his talents and shifted to work within DoubleTake to build a healthier future for those in HighSchool sports.